ReMission Summit on Brain Tumors

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort | Orlando, FL | USA

Friday, March 18th, 2022

7:00p Early Registration and Think Tank Working Meeting

Saturday, March 19th, 2022

8:00a Breakfast Served

ReMission Summit Opening Session

Opening Remarks

ReMission Alliance Update 

ReMission Scholarship Presentation 

Friends of Jacqueline Presentation   

10:10a – 10:50a

Special Guest Speaker

Stefan Leichenauer, Sandbox Quantum

“AI, Quantum, and Current Medical Applications”

10:50a – 11:10a Break (10 minutes)

Session I

Pediatric Brain Tumor Immunotherapy 


Michael Taylor  – Toronto Sick Kids

“Group 4 Medulloblastoma is a hamartoma of the H. Sapiens rhombic lip, and could be prevented through post-natal screening and immunotherapy”

Elias Sayour – University of Florida

“Overcoming GBM immunosuppression with systemic mRNA delivery”

Tobey MacDonald – Emory

“Targeting STAT3, a Master Regulator of Anti-Tumor Immune Response, in Pediatric Medulloblastoma”

12:20p Lunch Break (1 hr 10 minutes)

Session II 

Cancer Engineering 


Betty Kim – MD Anderson

“Engineering Approaches to Cancer Therapy”

Dennis Discher – U Penn 

“Engineered phagocytes for tumor elimination and anti-cancer vaccination”

Carlos Rinaldi – University of Florida

“Labeling immune cells with a new tracer tailored for sensitive tracking using magnetic particle imaging (MPI)”


Session III 

T Cells and Stem Cells


Jeremy Rich – University of Pittsburgh

Heike Daldrup-Link – Stanford

“Imaging CAR T-Cell Therapy”

Sue Kaech – Salk Institute

“Regulation of anti-tumor immune responses to GBM via microglia-CD4 T cell cross talk” 

Catherine Flores – University of Florida

“Stem cell immunotherapy against pediatric high grade gliomas”

4:15p Break (10 minutes)

Keynote Speaker

Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology

“Beyond the Human Genome Program: A Million Person Demonstration on

the Science of Wellness and Prevention”


ReMission Summit Workshop & Discussion

“Disruptive Innovation in Brain Tumor Immunotherapy”

7:00p Luau Dinner –  attire: tropical/casual 
9:30p – 12:00a Think Tank Working Meeting

Sunday, March 20th, 2022

8:00a Breakfast Served

Session IV

Metabolism and  Microenvironment


Loic Deleyrolle – University of Florida

“Metabolic manipulation of T cells to treat brain tumors”

Anindya Bagchi – Sanford Burnham 

“Modulating mitochondrial dynamics to improve immune memory”

Dolares Hambardzumyan – Mount Sinai

The Role of myeloid in Glioblastoma”

Justin Lathia – Cleveland Clinic

“Leveraging sex differences in the tumor microenvironment for more effective immunotherapies.”


Session V

Glioblastoma Immunity & Immunotherapy


Mark Gilbert – National Cancer Institute

Optimizing Patient Selection for Immunotherapy: Biologic and Computational Approaches”

Peter Fecci – Duke

“The Undoing: The Demise of the T cell Amidst GBM”

Michael Platten – German Cancer Institute

“Immune targeting of shared clonal diver mutations in gliomas.”

11:45a – 12:00p Closing Remarks