Welcome to the ReMission Summit

Anita Zucker

It is an extraordinary honor to serve as the chair of the ReMission Alliance, a groundbreaking, collaborative initiative led by the University of Florida that brings together many of the world’s leading neuro-oncology physicians, clinicians and researchers.

This multi-disciplinary and multi-partner initiative is truly boundary breaking. By leveraging cutting-edge research and pooling the insights and expertise of our partners, we can improve long-term survival rates for patients.

The ReMission Alliance resonates deeply with my own personal experience. I lost my husband, Jerry, to glioblastoma multiforme in 2008, and I am passionately committed to this initiative’s mission.

Throughout my life, I have been motivated by the Hebrew phrase Tikkun Olam, meaning “repair of the world.” I feel strongly that the ReMission Alliance is a momentous step toward repairing our world through the eradication of brain cancer.

Together, we can rewrite the story of brain cancer.

Anita Zucker

CEO and Chair, InterTech Group

Chair, ReMission Alliance Against Brain Tumors